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A Brief History of Eskaywoo
Founded in 2002 by Michael Goh, it was known as Eskaywoo Visual Communications.

Eskaywoo is a name coined from Michael's name.
The initials S and K are spelled phonetically, and the Mandarin version of Goh is Woo. Hence, eskaywoo.

Michael was in partnership with Peter Eu for the first part of the life of Eskaywoo. Peter was pivotal in bringing in much needed seed clients and sales.

After Peter left for Australia, Michael continued with Eskaywoo until he was reunited with his former colleague, HK Loo, who was at that time stationed in Singapore.

This unification brought about the transformation of Eskaywoo into a partnership company, consisting of Michael, HK, and Eathan. Thus Eskaywoo Visual Communications became known as Eskaywoo Communication Design (ECD).

Today, Eskaywoo is a private limited company, focusing on corporate branding and identity design.


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