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About Us

Communicating Clearly.
Crafting Beautifully


Design solutions that makes idealistic ideas a reality.

Ideals that meet the persons/ companies/ business’ needs.
Means, even if that person has only RM500, he can still own the most ideal solution, but which is in accordance with that value.
It does not mean the sky or heaven, but what’s appropriate for each.
Meaning, ‘flexibility’ comes into play.

The meaning of 'Design'
Design is a process. It is also often referred to as a noun, such as to a piece of work like a logo. However, we like to subscribe to the meaning of design as :

"To design is to solve a problem. Good design is functional and beautiful at the same time."

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Good design is good for business.

Design can help a business.

We believe that design can help build a lasting and meaningful relationship with customers, and intended audience.

We are ideaLISTIC.

What Graphic Design means to us.
Communication Design (formerly known as graphic design) is about problem solving. Our design philosophy is about understanding and defining the problem(s) and goals/objectives. The creative part is what is between the two. The process of solving the problem as well as the solution is what we call design. We create solutions that communicate messages, values, ideas, and concepts. Hence, it is important for us to digest the true message as it is intended to be transmitted.

What do we stand for?
We stand for good design practices.
We aim to make design standards better.
Help create an environment where creatives can work in peace where their work is appreciated.
When we are engaged by our clients for projects, we assume equal responsibility toward the project. We are committed to the success of the projects.

We stand for honesty and ethical business practices.
Treat our clients fairly and never recommend things solely based on financial gain for ourselves.

We stand for fair treatment for our suppliers and clients alike.

We aim to achieve the highest standards for communication design as a professional service.

About Eskaywoo : quick facts
Quick Facts
Quick facts

Year of Establishment

Type of Business
Communication Design

Goh Suk Keat
Goh Ching Min

Base Studio
Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information
Level 32 Menara Prestige
No. 1 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

e :
w :
t : 03 9207 9748

Studio Digital Workflow Enabled by
Apple Macintosh Computers
Adobe CS Software
Windows and Linux Web Servers
Nikon and Canon DSLRs


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