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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is graphic design?

There are many interpretations of the word 'design'.We subscribe to one. To design means to solve a problem. Hence we treat graphic design as a way to solve a communication problem by means of the visual media and experiences.

Why is this website all black and white?

Well, it's not really ALL black and white. There are other colours too. We just wanted to keep everything simple and neat. After all, you really want the site to load as quickly as possible, while your other tabs are loading your other entertainment websites, right?

What does 'eskaywoo' mean?

Eskaywoo :- ES - KAY - WOO.
ES (phonetic pronounciation of the letter 'S') and
KAY (phonetic pronounciation of the letter 'K' )
are the initials of SUK KEAT GOH. WOO is the Mandarin (Chinese Language) pronounciation of the surname 'GOH'.

What is your take on Urgent projects

Good work takes due consideration, the right knowledge, the proper skill and sufficient enthusiasm.

Great work needs inspiration and lots of hard work! Great work requires sufficient time to digest and to think through. We at Eskaywoo aim to do great design work!

Accurate and diligent planning is essential for the success of a project. Rushed jobs are usually do not meet the expectations of either designer or the client. Worse if the audience do not benefit from the work. In short, good planning will reduce the needs for rush projects, which in the end are a waste of time.

Do you do multimedia websites of CD-ROMs?

That depends on the requirements. Usually only entertainment websites or such, would benefit from multimedia and rich content websites. Most other industries are better off with quick loading and standard adhering websites, with little dependance on newer web technologies.

Potential clients need quick information from your website. Information architecture is more important than fancy looking graphics that fly everywhere. If your client has to wait 20 seconds to find out how to call you, it it already 19 seconds too long.

Unless, of course, you're MTV.

What are your charges like?

Graphic Design is a service. We are in the business of servicing our clients to provide them with cusomised solutions. Hence our cost is our time. Most projects are billed by the hours to justify the service. Since every client is special, we cannot 'recycle' our work for everyone.

If you are unsure I have a suggestion:

Just drop us an email, and we'll contact you for a free consultation.

Why don't you do printing in-house?

We leave it to the experts. Furthermore, our suppliers are fantastic at their jobs. In business, symbiosis helps everyone win.

I have a limited budget. Can I still hire ECD?

Save your money. * just kidding *
Honestly, we can accomodate most budgets. But remember, you get what you pay for. Speak to us and we'll see how we can work together.




Yeah. We often ask ourselves too. Why bother with a FAQ when there are few questions you may ask. If you feel dumber after reading through this section, then you were probably right.

We will be featuring some articles on design and matters related to design in our studio blog soon. So please check it out.

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