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About Us
Social Responsibility

This Planet has been Entrusted to Us
by Our Children.

Social Responsibility


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Green Design
Whether we like it or not, the graphic design industry has contributed in many ways to the ecological disaster plan. Hence we at Eskaywoo have made it a practice to be mindful of our work and suggestions to our clients.

One of our first steps was to make a pledge with design can change.

design can change


Core Practicesbright ideas

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Repair
  • Recycle

These practices may sound school-boyish, but in every endeavour, there are baby steps which form the basis and foundation of every runner.

Our daily practices include:

  • using whiteboard for initial visuals and discussions
  • reusing paper (both sides)
  • using LCD screens which are known to be more energy efficient than CRT monitors.
  • setting our air-conditioners to 25ºc to 26ºc.
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